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Our baby products are carefully handmade in our weavery in the Swedish countryside and are all made from handpicked organic materials. We make our signature handwoven fabric with a yarn blend consisting of cashmere, silk and virgin wool from our Italian supplier. Our handwoven material is matched with Italian vegetable tanned leather for our booties and mittens. For our hats, and lining and wristlets for booties and mittens we use Swedish-made organic cotton jersey.

Please note that since all Baby von E. products are handcrafted each product is unique with slight variations from the pictures in the web shop.



All our products are first put in a cellophane bag and then placed in a gift bag.



The production of Baby von E.’s products is located in the Swedish countryside. Thus contributing work opportunities for the proud weaving and handcraft community of Södermanland, Sweden where weaving has been a part of the local community since the 17th century.

All our materials are sourced from suppliers with a sincere and pronounced objective of supporting environmental awareness and sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility.



With its roots in one of Sweden’s most exclusive premium brands Baby von E. was born as a result of our passion for high quality, sustainable and elegant design, but foremost a tremendous love for the most important thing we have, our children.

Besides the logo, Baby von E products are easily recognized by the special weaving pattern you find on all of our products.